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Originally Posted by FlyWright View Post
Well then, maybe we can arrange an even swap to appease your desires for a swimstep (sans transom door). Yours is one of the boats I admire the most on this forum.

I hope dwhatty posts some pics of the beautiful swimstep he built on his IG32. It's a beautiful example of a simple, strong, functional and good looking swimstep. All it lacks is the hydraulic lift, but maybe he's working on that upgrade for his upcoming winter hibernation. Since's it's already mid-July, he's probably out stacking firewood right now.

Thanks Flywright,
We do love our boat and will be keeping her but access to the water is one of her compromises. I am guessing the number years that the admiral and I will be baling off the boarding ladder into the kayak are finite but Klee Wycks other attributes are plenty consolation.
Hey.......maybe that strengthens my case for the second boat? I better go try to make my case again!
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