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I see three things as most helpful. First a nozzle on the shower so that the amount of water required is greatly reduced. Second, sharing of showers does have conservation benefits. Third, I just see a watermaker as essential. Perhaps extreme conservation comes much easier for you than it would for us. But between showers, laundry, and dishes, we consider the majority of our usage essential and don't want to compromise much. Just to us a lack of fresh water would take a very significant toll on a quality lifestyle.

The fact is you can probably produce your own water cheaper than it can be produced locally and definitely for less than you'd have to pay. Also, it is actually helping the others locally as you're not draining their precious supply.

I'm not certain how much you're at home vs. on the boat, nor how close your home is to your boat, but perhaps you defer some of the water usage heavy tasks to the boat. Also, at your home, is the drilling of a well or perhaps the building of catch towers or basins an option? Even something that won't supply your entire needs but will reduce your requirements could be worth it.
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