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They have enacted water restrictions in past years here, so it's not a new concept. No lawn watering, no car washing other than using the automated car washses that use the same water over and over, and so on. So far this year, which while we've had plenty of rainfall in the winter had only 25% of the typical snowfall in the mountains, which is what really counts, no restrictions whatsoever.

There are all kinds of ways water usage in this region can be reduced, and we've done it in the past. Which leads me to believe that, so far, anyway, the politicians and the media are doing the Chicken Little thing.

Doesn't mean we won't get to the point of needing enforced restrictions, but so far it's been crickets.

BTW, Lake Washington is not very big as lakes go. Only 22 miles long and maybe a mile or so wide in a few places if that.
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