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Not necessarily interested in adding to an argument but more as an enlightened information: I have been involved with watershed issues most of my life and somewhat disagree with prior statements about Lake Washington and water only leaving through the locks. That is certainly not true. Actually only a minimal amount of water is used in locking. As is the case with almost all lakes the majority of water lost per day is from the evaporative area of the lake. Here in Ga. our big Lake, Lanier, can drop 4"-6" on a sunny warm day. At 57 sq miles that adds up to many millions of gallons. Water withdrawals are another major source. Seattle and surrounding towns use the watershed area for municipal water supplies. I would imagine that over the 37 years Marin has been in the area the withdrawal for those purposes have increased dramatically as population has increased. Industrial withdrawals are also a major factor in lake levels. Typically the industrial withdrawals are the first to be hit with restrictions. I do not know if Lake Washington is a power generating facility but that may play a factor in lake levels also. Our lake also controlled by the Army Corps of Engineers has a stakeholders interest percentage developed with recreation being very low on the list. Atlanta's water supply, Oysters in Appalachicola, generation of power all having interests, unfortunately navigation purposes have taken a hit in the past few years and the lower river levels are not maintained for that purpose as the were in the past. So in summary just because its behind a dam doesn't mean its not losing water.
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