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Tip 1: Besides maps and charts, make sure you have a good guide book which describes the various anchorages and the safety precautions for entering each bay.
For example, Roscoe bay is a beautiful cove and excellent anchorage. But about half way in, where the entrance narrows, it is deadly for those who attempt to enter the bay on a low tide and strand on the granite bottom.
Also at Squirrel Cove Grocery store - I recall the main dock shallows, but was ok, however the small dock just North of it goes dry on low tide.

Tip 2: In smaller bays, stern tying to shore is common practice. When taking the dingy ashore, have a pair of sacrificial athletic shoes to wear, bare feet and flip flops don't standup to the sharp rocks covered with oysters (no exaggeration).

Tip 3: Locals advised us not to eat the oysters from inside the bays with anchorages. (Probably good advise.)

Tip 4: Have fun
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