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OK Good Marin,
Haven't seen one of your OB boats up close but since it has specialized stuff for fishing it is indeed a "Sport Fishing Boat" and I stand corrected.

Guess I'm not as smart as you thought (thanks anyway) but I'm fall'in hook line and sinker (since you're a fisherman) for the "recreational trawler BS". As it conforms to the word "vernacular" in word usage. When I talk to people and use the word trawler most everyone knows exactly what I mean ... Recreational Trawler. Often I'm surpprised that so many know what it means. And since they do ...... that's what it means. And when you want to talk about commercial fishing trawlers you need to announce that the subject is commercial trawlers and not rec trawlers because 9 out of 10 will assume you're talk'in rec trawlers ... because that's what comes to mind when you use the word. Try it.

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