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Originally Posted by BandB View Post

Are you this way with all words or just "trawler?"

So far as I know right now, just "trawler." As I've said (already) I use words today that didn't exist 30 years ago and that's fine. I have no problem with the evolution of a language where the evolution makes sense.

What I have a problem with are words that have a long-established meaning with absolutely no reason to change that meaning that get bastardized by some manufactures and marketing people as a way to fool people into thinking they're getting a better product, a boat in this case, than they actually are.

Calling your boat, whatever it is, a trawler is the end result of nothing more than what started out as a marketing scam. You're too lazy or ignorant or simply don't care enough to call your boat what it really is, which isn't a trawler unless you and your husband are actually out fishing with trawl gear.
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