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Originally Posted by Marin View Post
I don't think anyone here is confused about whether or not they have a fishing boat. They're just using the language in a dumb-ass way.
Wifey B: By that argument, much language is used in a dumb-ass way. But if it works, I say it's not dumb-ass. I might say arguing over what a Trawler is qualifies as dumb-ass.

Language changes. New words are created. The use of existing words changes over time. However, once a word becomes generally accepted and conveys it's intended meaning, I don't personally call it dumb-ass anymore.

Are you this way with all words or just "trawler?"

I understand you can't help yourself. It's like my hubby when he sees pictures hanging uneven on a wall or a tilted picture. Really hard for him to resist doing anything and he notices them all. Of course that skill of observation helps in other ways. I'm sure your insistence on precision and adherence to the origins in language is a part of your brain's inner workings that helps you immensely in other ways.

The words "troll" and "trolling" have to drive you crazy. Their uses are so extremely disparate.
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