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Only about half the boats here are trawlers Marin.

And Kevin,
Coastal Cruiser is'nt a time homered name at all. It was because a lot of boats that wer'nt trawlers being called trawlers because the owners wanted into the trawler group. So the expression Coastal Cruiser was coined to identify those cruisers that wanted in the club but didn't have the credentials but needed a name that implied some sort of importance. "Coastal" implying that they cruised far and wide along the coast ... not just fishing out at the point. But Heavy Cruiser already had this covered. They just forgot about that.
I could be wrong about this so tell me if I am.

Marin you say your OB boat is a sport fishing boat. What makes it "sport" and what features make it a fishing boat. Looks like just a boat to me.

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