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Originally Posted by psneeld View Post
..for people I wouldn't necessarily expect to know what a pleasure trawler looks like then I use it because it helps more than hurts... using trawler helps distinguish me from the pack.
Only in your own mind. Look at the avatar photos on this forum alone. Everything from Sea Rays to Bayliners to Sabres to Nordic Tugs to trailer boats to Nordhavns, all considering themselves a "trawler." Look at the boat ads. Every style of boat imaginable is being called by their manufacturer or ad agency a "trawler."

So calling yourself a "trawler" does not distinguish you from the pack, it puts you right smack in the middle of an amorphous crowd. You tell me you have a "trawler." So what do you have? A Bayliner 3888? A Grand Banks 42? A Tollycraft 34? An Eastbay? A Nordic Tug? A Carver sun deck? A Willard? A Uniflite Mega? A Sea Ray?

Get the picture? Every one of these boats is now considered to be a "trawler." So telling me that you have a "trawler" tells me absolutely zip about your boat.

So far Mark is the only one here who has described an intelligent way to describe his boat to a bridge tender.
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