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I tell them "it's like a fish boat w/o any fish gear".
And they, of course think of a troller if they know anything about boats.

In the 50s people called what we call trawlers "Heavy Cruisers". PNW Monk boats come to mind. Ten knot strip planked soft chine cruisers much heavier than the Chris Craft of the day and w a big anchor winch and ground tackle to match. Also the big Shane cruisers fit neatly in here. Usually their anchors were held firmly in a hawsepipe like a ship. Heavy Cruisers were frequently seen on their way to Alaska. Perhaps that's why many here are so dead set on big anchors and all chain. It's conformation of their trawlerman status.

There's two kinds of Trawlers and mention of the fishing varity on this "toy boat" forum is silly.

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