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I like how they put it on the T&T list: "Trawlers and Trawlering" .... "trawlering" (as opposed to "trawling") being a state of mind, an approach to power cruising at mostly slow speeds. The Hatteras MY is not a recreational trawler styled boat but it does go "trawlering" quite nicely.

I do agree however that describing your boat simply as a trawler is wrong, unless you really do have an actual fishing trawler. We were waiting at the Socastee bridge in SC once, a bunch of boats were standing off waiting for an opening. Just as the tender was getting ready to open, a woman came on the radio identifying her boat as a trawler and could the bridge wait for them. They were not yet in sight. The bridge tender delayed the opening, thinking it was a commercial boat. Well this little green fiberglass cabin cruiser comes around the corner and down the stretch. The tender radios out to the trawler and asks their ETA. The woman comes on and says that's us coming at you right now. The tender had a fit, opened the bridge and came back and told her "next time describe your boat correctly... if you can make it here before I close fine otherwise I'm closing it when these bats are through". I don't recall whether they made it or not.

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