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Originally Posted by TDunn View Post
Looking at the boats discussed here and peoples avatars, I see a wide range of boats from pure displacement boats to sport fishers.

By some definitions my boat is a trawler (full displacement hull, top speed not much over nominal hull speed, etc.). hat said, my boat is more of a classic day cruiser despite having overnight accommodations. It is 79 years old after all, so it predates the trawler period by about 35 years.

So what makes a boat a trawler?
Any "Pleasure Boat" termed as a "Trawler" from onset at factory construction, having no net apparatus and no working catch-hold, is due to marketing hype... pure and simple. Now, that's not all bad... just true!

As has been said in previous posts... a true trawler is a working vessel with working persons aboard that use nets for catching fish to dump into its catch-hold.

I guess if a working trawler is refinished into a pleasure craft, with net apparatus removed and its catch-hold changed into other uses it could still be loosely termed a trawler. But it actually has lost the true meaning of "trawler" and should actually be called its new position as a "Pleasure Boat" - IMHO!
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