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Desolation Sound advice

Looking for some tips/advice on an Itinerary for a 10 day/9 night boat trip from Vancouver return.
I have read a lot of posts and i realise that by heading up to Desolation Sound we are bypassing months worth of great cruising, though as we are travelling from Aus and this may be our one chance to do this and we think we are happy to put the extra miles in to get up to this area.
The boat we are chartering is a ranger 27 and we would get away around 9am from granville Island, date is mid Sep.
The agent supplies guidebooks/charts etc and i have done a bit of research also but thought id ask those who have been there done that for ideas.
I would hope pending weather to make as many miles as possible the first day with a top up of fuel in Powell river on the way, after day one the pace can go back to a more sedate rate.
Any sights, anchorages, dangers, attractions, fishing spots you can suggest, how far up should we go?tips on possible areas we may see Orcas (humpbacks by the thousand but Orcas are tough to see down here) we would expect to anchor/moor most nights and not use marinas and jetties.
Sorry if our plans are a bit vague but i didnt want to get to deep into it until i had heard some ideas from others. Cheers Mick.
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