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I am with Marin on this one.

A trawler is a trawler is a fishing boat.

But for the purpose of this all inclusive [ thank Providence ] forum just about any full displacment pleasure craft can be loosly considered a traler as well.

I have seen very few actual ex trawlers on this forum, full volume boats with standiong height in engine room, large commercial engines with big pitch props and large anchors of course of [ insert favorite here ].

In Oz it is not uncommon to see ex trawlers purchased and turned into great pleasure craft or exceptional live aboards.

But not everyone thinks a large ex commercial boat attractive, I do and their sea keeping and bar crossing ability is undoubted. Check out youtube for fishing boats crossing bars on the east coast of Aust. or in southern New Zealand.

This style of boat bring the crew and catch home safe but perhap a bit shaken.

For me the popular trawler types which most on here own are just too pretty.

But each to his / her own.


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