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I have the silver/ silver chloride cell...and know how to use it.

A brush doesn't do anything more than the normal bonding system does....

Theoretically your shaft and prop ARE bonded if your boat bonding system is set up normally with green bonding tied to black neg DC buss someplace....which often IS the engine block.

Nigel Calder recommends them on page 145 of his second edition Boatowners' Mec/Elect Manual.

My real life experiences and multiple bonding surveys I have done show they do just fine and help when older boats have boding and corrosion issues by providing new and fresh contacts in the bonding.

Sure it may accelerate stray current corrosion....but it doesn't "make it happen" any more than a lot of possibilities. And accelerating it usually wont cause any more damage than will happen eventually anyhow till it is noticed.
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