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Some of our favorites---

San Juans- Likes: Sucia Island, Stuart Island (Prevost Bay), Westsound Marina, Fisherman's Bay (watch the tide for entering), Indian Cove, Jones Island, Eagle Harbor, Cypress Head, Park's Bay, Garrison Bay, Anacortes, Friday Harbor. Dislikes: Deer Harbor, Roche Harbor (both very expensive and very snobby, particularly Roche Harbor. They don't want to talk to you unless your boat is at least 80 feet long, preferably with a helicopter on it).

South Puget Sound: We've not boated it but we've flown it a lot and frankly it's the most boring place around here. Some people like it but personally, I wouldn't bother with it at all. It's like boating in a lake with very uninspiring scenery. Our boat won't even go there: the engines shut down automatically if we try to go south of Anacortes and they won't restart until we get the bow headed the other way. Something one learns as one boats (or flies) along this coast from Puget Sound to SE Alaska is that it gets better and better the farther north you go.

East Side of Vancouver Island. Far superior to boating in Washington in our opinions. Places we like are: Sidney Spit, Genoa Bay, Maple Bay, Montegue Marine Park, Ganges, Telegraph Harbor, Nanaimo, Silva Bay, Winter Cove, Buchart Cove and Tod Inlet, Wallace Island, the anchorages on the north side of Prevost Island (James Bay, Selby Cove, Annette Inlet, Glenthorne Passage), Port Browning, Beaumont Marine Park, Cabbage Cove, Comox.

West side of the Strait of Georgia is kind of the same thing as the east side of Vancouver Island. If you mean east side of the Strait of Georgia aka Sunshine Coast there is Smuggler Cove, Buccaneer Bay, Pender Harbor, Princess Louisa (pretty but a long, boring slog up Jervis Inlet to get to it) and of course Desolation Sound, which is a whole area in itself. And of course there is Vancouver, which as a city makes Seattle look like a Soviet-era city in East Germany.
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