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Yo, Pipeliner: Glad you're psyched about a boat that could do the job for you. Good luck!

I'm curious to know what it is about those 225 hp Lehmans that concerns you? Recently I inspected a 44' Marine Trader, offered at an attractive price, that was powered by a single 225 hp Lehman. The standard power in those boats had been a single 120 hp Lehman. The seller explained that a previous owner, after ten years of operation, felt the boat needed more power, and re-powered it with the bigger Ford. Sounded okay to me, until we started talking about fuel consumption, which turned out to be more than twice what other owners report with the standard Lehman. That was not the only factor that turned me off from the boat (it had lots of deferred maintenance), but it weighed heavily in my decision to pass.

Anyway, the surveys will be interesting and educational. Please let us know what you find out!
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