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I intend no sarcasm when I say... its only money.

That said, I worked and scrimped and saved and scoured for finding the right boat. Pined and priced and dug deep to use all my reasonable judgment in attempting to make the "right" decision. Nearly drove myself mad.

You want a scape goat to blame when it goes overbudget? Thats easy.

Buy it! Its a great boat and its going to be amazing!

Yeah. I know, doesnt help much...

Only you know your position. Financial position. Mechanical inclination, personal resourcefulness, time you can devote, and threshold for tolerance in the ever blurry lines of all the above.

Be as honest with yourself as you can. Use your head. Use your strengths. Lean on your partner for hers/his. Its a big purchase.

You said WE. So I am sure it will be the proper outcome. Be patient and thorough. Be honest and have eyes open as possible.

It will work out. Or it wont. Enjoy the process. Dont dread it. If the deal breaks.. so be it. There WILL be another boat. I am rambling so please forgive...i wish you and yours the best.
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