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RE: Help me find a dinghy motor mount!

Woodsong wrote:

ack.'s a pretty tough piece of southern yellow pine....typically pretty darn tough wood and cut out of a 2x12. Point taken though. I will beat on it next time I am there to see if it wants to crack at all....I would be amazed if it does but I see your point about the grain. Luckily I've got more 2x12 stock laying around if I need to swap it out or I can get some oak or other material. Perhaps back to the workbench I go.....
Woodsong, sorry to say that you really need to change Your orientation.* That is the orientation of your OB motor mount.* When pine dries out it will tend to season crack on a line parallel to the grain direction.* That can instantly weaken it.* It has a tendency to crack at the stress point.* If it is treated pine, the tendency is greater because most treated is not kiln dried.* Seems to be something that needs to be taken of.* Those guys had better eyes than me, but kudos to them for catching it.* That is what makes this forum so useful.

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