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Hendo's Randall 35 Cray Boat complete rebuild, Perth, Western Australia

Originally Posted by Art View Post
Noah had a boat building mission too! He got write-up in the Bible!!

Your mission is much more conducive to Having FUN! There ought to be marine magazine that will write-up a story on your incredible efforts once you have splashed AXE!!

"Custom Boat[s] by Matt"

Keep Getten It On - Big Dude!

PS & BTW: Inquiring mind[s] want ta know...

We've read what drove Noah's energy... Now, what is the energy that drives you... besides simply you relish your love for "mind to hand" creating things made from materials??? Your work ethic is impeccable. I've (and I believe we've all) never seen this much passion but into resurrecting any old boat hull for the reality of a 21st Century pleasure cruiser that is happening to AXE!

AXE Luvs Ya Baby!!!

Thank you for the kind words my friend.

What drives me? Hmmm dreams mate. Dreaming of what I can do once I've done. A supportive woman and pride in a completed job and most of all, stubbornness

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