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Originally Posted by dannc View Post
I have had a CPR certification for decades, and for many years, AEDs have been part of the CPR classes.

AED are pretty idiot proof and they are designed to be used by people with no training.

If we manage to get a boat, it will have an AED. Not so much to be used on us, but for use on other people. There is a long discussion on TF a year or two back about AEDs that had some useful information.

AED's are not miracle devices but they have a better success rate than CPR. Well, ok they are pretty danged magical if you think about it, but they are not perfect. CPR success rates are pretty bad and not like what is shown in the media. Flip side is that some chance is better than no chance.

If one is in a remote area, CPR and an AED may well be worthless since the time to get to a hospital might be too great to have a successful outcome. However, if I did NOT have an AED on board, and needed it, I don't think I could forgive myself.

We have elderly family members in poor health that live 45-60 minutes from a hospital and about that far from EMS. Ironically, this year we were talking about taking care of those family members, when one was having a heart attack. We worried that when a heart attack happened, they would not react quickly and just deny what was happening. Thankfully, they did not take a trip on the river De Nile and quickly called 911. That quick call certainly prevented a death.

An AED might bring someone back from the dead and buy them some time to get to an ER. It is a low chance but better than no chance.

CPR classes now days teach three things, CPR, AED usage and choking response. I would guess most people are for more likely to have a choking incident, the choking techniques work really well, and you don't have to buy any equipment.

I started to write something pretty similar based on my nearly 40 years of responding to boating emergencies....but one bad button hit and the post was gone...kinda like what we are talking about but with lives not lost posts...

Few emergencies in my experience were ones where an AED or O2 would have made the difference...but if you can afford them and know how to use them...a great addition to the first aid kit. They were both very valuable for the many dive emergencies I have been involved with so OCDiver knows....

Even for those doing the loop...all those crowded and seemingly safe shore towns with first aid squads every few my experience it can still take over an hour to get to para-medic level support at times due to volume and poor coordination between rescue agencies.

Be prepared...but that also means for the emergency you cant resolve and accept that so you can enjoy yor time n the water.
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