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Well we are testing Permanon on our boat and I have to say so far I'm impressed with the results! Time will be the ultimate test but application was much better than washing and waxing. Get the surface clean and wax free* then apply and dry...much easier than rub-in-wax and then rub-off-the-haze (rub, rub ,rub,rub) !! Much less application effort and it can be applied to trim and varnish with no removal needed protects it too. First application we did was 10% per instructions (10 to 1 clean water to Permanon) maintence is 50 to 1 reducing the cost to a very managable expense compared to annual labor cost of waxing. A liter of Permanon Yacht Supershine was $200 (Amazon) and it will make 50 liters of maintanence mix $4.00 per liter applied as a fine mist just to the point of being wet and no more...... so a liter goes a longway!

Also Permanon recommends cleaning the surface with Simply Green Extreme

It is the best boat cleaner I have used! It can also be used in a preasure washer at 50 to 1 so it too is cost effective and works (and can go overboard without guilt)!

If Permanon is durable it will be a great solution for us...

No connection to either product...just testing.
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