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RE: Help me find a dinghy motor mount!

Something to be wary of---- friends we used to boat with built a similar mount for their 4hp outboard. They also used a soft wood (I believe it was pine). Like you, they built the mount with the grain running horizontally (at least that's the way it looks in your photo). At one point during a trip to Desolation Sound we took with them something--- don't know what--- put a bit of a pull on the motor and the mount board cracked all the way across right under the motor's C-clamps.

It would have been better had he oriented the mounting board with the grain running vertically. Even better, of course, would have been the use of a much tougher wood--- oak, ash, etc. He made a new board at the conclusion of the trip and used (IIRC) a piece of oak with the grain oriented vertically.

Perhaps the best of all would have been a thick piece (or a pair of thick pieces laminated/screwed together) of marine ply with some sort of finish to protect it from the weather.

In any event, be careful of putting any leverage on your mount as it could crack across the same as our friend's did.
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