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Originally Posted by BandB View Post
A cardiologist who I respected once said that no one over 40 should own a manual starting outboard or lawn mower. A boat dealer I knew wouldn't sell them. The motion of pulling across your body, across your heart, is the reason. This discussion came about after my father's fatal heart attacks. He had spent the afternoon mulching leaves and hand starting a rather balky leaf mulcher.
I can see the doc's point.
As a guy pushing 60, I still hit the gym and do cross body cable work for various body parts, but I do them slowly and in a controlled fashion to get the most out of them.

But the act or quickly and repeatedly snatching on a freaking small engine (lawn mower, weed eater or small outboard), kick my arse! I can definitely feel it in the chest.

Then again, if the motor is in proper operating condition, a quick pull, 1 maybe 2, should get her going without issue.

Trolling motors are nice though. Light and economical.
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