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Boating wihout - yes, it is possible, but no, once used to having a dinghy, I won't go without. In fact, I prefer bigger and more difficult to stow. I started boating with a "Sport Yak". Talk aout compromises. At least it was unsinkable, a good thing, as with two people, in it, the waves of 3" would fill it. Now Oliver's small RIB is my "Big" dinghy, which I tow half the time, as it is 750 lb and I don't have power davits. Which brings us to:
Towing - I have also towed a 19' runabout. What a PITA when coming in to a dock or even to an anchorage. Once you get to a boat that is that heavy, it has to be towed on a relatively long leash, so getting it under control when slowing down is critical, and time consuming. Then there is the hassle of making room for it alongside when docking, or putting it somewhere when rafting to more than one other boat. That boat was qickly abandoned as a tender, so back to the 12' RIB. Towing that dinghy is easy. It rides with stability, it won't attack the mothership when slowing down, it is always ready to help out when entering a busy anchorage or marina.
My conclusions: Get the biggest dinghy you can handle. Tow it if that is bigger than you want to lift, Don't go anywhere without one.
You need to be able to get your bikes ashore, don't you?
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