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Info for Ken Oliver

Ken--- Re. your query about Telegraph Cove......

Took some photos today of the dock at Telegraph Cove Marina. You can get an idea of its size. We talked to the owners of the Ocean Alexander and learned that one can get moorage at the dock by reservation or just calling ahead a few hours out (by phone). They called Dockside 29 as listed in the blue pages and got a reservation for tonight. So you don't have to be a condo owner for this particular set of docks. There is power and water on the dock. I have no idea what the nightly charge is to stay at the dock or if there is a limit to the length of stay. I know the VanIsle race is coming up in a few weeks and Telegraph Cove is one of the stops. So it gets very crowded in here when that happens.

PS- It is apparent from the photos that in order to be allowed moorage at this dock a Rocna anchor is a requirement.

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