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Originally Posted by Duvie View Post
I placed a valve on my drain. Attach a hose and no spills. Plug valve after use. You can see the location of the drain in both pictures. Look for the brass valve above the starter.

I guess I was full all the time. Thought I took out more than I put in but I guess I was wrong. Took a few our cruise the other day and no issues.
I had a mechanic help me locate the lowest drain point and it is nearly impossible to reach. He suggested that I open the line to the water pump which is very nearly as low and see if that will drain the greater part and flush fresh water through the engine several times to purge the sytem and recharge the system after the second purge.
These are great old engines and apparently they have a great many different accessory configurations. My starter is on the other of the block side from the drain plug.
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