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To the simple question of how common, in pleasure boating it's somewhat uncommon simply because most people don't use that much. We do put on over 3000 hours a year but it's not confined to one boat. Far more common is 100-500 hours per year.

In commercial boats it's not really unusual at all.

Now, I'm going to say regular maintenance is a key, but then I'll also tell you I've seen some poorly cared for and abused engines on commercial boats that seem to last forever. Then I think of tractors. Some farmers have incredibly fancy modern tractors, but then there's the farmer with a 40 year old tractor who never even changes the oil, adds some occasionally, and leaves it out in the elements.

However, I do agree mostly with an above comment on peripherals. The engine is the most sturdy piece of equipment but all the other parts added to it will go sooner and if that isn't recognized, the engine will pay the price.

As to comments about engine designs just look at the range of horsepower offered on any engine. We know that being toward the upper middle of that range as we are, the engine is getting worse treatment by our use than if we had one at the lower end designed for heavy load and continuous use. On the other hand we left Fort Lauderdale this morning and are almost to Nassau. So that's the trade-off we made.
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