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I'm with Phil on this one. and yes, I've always "read" that its a bad idea, stinks, worst possible thing you could do, etc. My experience does not bear that out. My forward bilge in the sporty is not huge and its seperate from the rest of the boat so shower water isnt everywhere. It has 3 pumps in it, a 2500 gph crash pump, a regular 1100 gph automatic bilge pump and a Jabsco diaphram bilge pump. I use WaterWitch electronic switches that incoorporate a shutoff delay that keeps the Jabsco running a while longer. It gets just about every bit of water possible out of the bilge. It helps that the pickup point is in the lowest part of the V. The Jabsco pulls thru a Perko 1 inch strainer, I clean it maybe once a year.
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