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Originally Posted by markpierce View Post
Thanks for all the suggestions. I'll discuss them with the yard.
Mark, I'm sorry I have not had time to read all the posts on here, so apologies to you and any if I just duplicate what some have already said, and I am only posting because your query was one I had to address myself. In our boat the shower waste does just run into the small forward bilge and is pumped out by the automative bilge pump. Our bilge is not one you could eat your breakfast out of anyway, so I lose no sleep over it, and by using low residue shower soap, (Dove to be precise) it is simple, works well, and is damn near foolproof, so FF has a supporter here. The only downside to this is if your marina insists on a bilge outlet filter, in which case the shower waste will clog the filter a bit sooner than otherwise.

However, the man who surveyed our boat was himself a live aboard, (GB 32), and we got discussing the issue, and the scenario he described as "the best', was to have a shower sump, which you have, and a manual switch powering a Whale Gulper (diaphragm type) pump, which will never block with hair etc, and it must go to an above waterline thru-hull. You just turn it on when you start showering. It is not damaged by running dry anyway. No valves needed.

Your arrangement sounds potentially dangerous, (as others have mentioned), unless you are closing a seacock in the line after each use. So that below waterline discharge surely must go. So if you can use Brittania's idea of y-connecting it into the sink drain, all the better - no new hole needed. Anti-siphon effect provided free.

If I've just corroborated what some others have said, then all the better.
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