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I own a Pilot 34 with the single Yanmar 370 and have cruised a bit on the 2003+ Pilot 30.

First the 30: As others have said it is small and you would probably feel cramped in anything more than an overnighter. The 240 hp engine provides acceptable performance- 15 kt cruise, but I would prefer the Yanmar 6LP 315 hp engine. That will cruise in the upper teens and not stress the engine at all.

Now the 34: We have cruised for 6-7 days at a time and it is reasonably comfortable. Fridge capacity will be tight, but there is enough space for everything else. It does have the feel of a picnic boat with its two vinyl cushioned settees behind the helms. Not at all like the bigger Mainship 34T which has a real cabin. But that is a different boat.

The single Yanmar lets it cruise at 14+ kts. I do my own maintenance and would not consider the twin 240 hp version. There is no room to work on the outboard side of the engines.

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