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Originally Posted by Marin View Post
I understand your desire to relate the death-reduction trend to advances in navigation-- it's the business you're in.
I'm not sure where that comes from. People are going to use our data on a variety of platforms. Electronic charts and navigation has little to do with ActiveCaptain. It's like saying that TripAdvisor is interested in making sure you have Tom-Tom in your car. It doesn't really matter to them although they probably think it's pretty dumb to have a fold-out map in the car too.

No one is deciding whether to have only paper charts these days. Everyone has electronics - we're way past that. The reason I've created my position on paper charts is because I've been at too many helms seeing how people "use" paper charts today. Too many people think that the paper charts they have are backups. They're just not. If it works for you after you've seen my arguments and think those arguments are wrong for your particular case, then keep using them.
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