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Originally Posted by Marin View Post
What the newcomers to the field lack is the ability to eficiently execute a concept through to an end product that meets the customer's requirement.
Efficiently is a funny word there. Wanna bet that more will be uploaded and watched on YouTube just today in these 24 hours than the professional film media will put out in the next entire year?

Originally Posted by Marin View Post
...but they have the attention span of a gnat. This is exactly what you want when you're flailing around for an idea. But when a project requires a continuous effort to get it completed, they can't deal with it. So their execution is generally very superficial.
I feel very sorry for you for thinking like that. It's sad - I'll explain why.

I work with about a dozen young developers and entrepreneurs. When I was in my early 20's, there were a bunch of great industry guys who took me on and taught me from their experience. I like to think that I'm giving something back to the next generation in the same way.

The guys and gals in their young adult years that I see are wonderful, energetic, determined, and exceptional models for taking on the challenges that are coming. But you see, I see the future in those positive ways myself.

It's sad because I have a feeling your dim view of today's youth is based on your own dim view of the future. There's nothing wrong with that and it doesn't make one a bad person. It's just sad. I'd rather like knowing that tomorrow is going to be better than today, even if I'm not in it.
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