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"A good friend of mine is one of the top directors of photography in the commercial production industry in the US. He says exactly the same thing. The young folks entering the field have wonderful ideas and are full of cool new concepts of how to shoot and edit. But they can't execute their ideas to save their lives'

Making movies requires Talent , sticking together air craft required precision and dedication , or at least great Quality control inspections. Big difference,

Any artist or talent usually has a portfolio of work to display. No portfolio , no job interview.

After a court decision the airlines had to interview folks that had a commercial license. The interview expanded to include a ride in the antique DC 8 simulator, where more than one pencil time attempted to flee , while about 15 ft up , while underway.

The film guys should be able to sit a candidate in front of a Movieola (or the electric replacement) with 15 min of rough cuts and a task to create a 30 second spot in a couple of hours..
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