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Stainless is fine for a fresh water tank if that's all it's been. Our 1973 boat has it's original stainless water tanks and the water tastes like water. As opposed to boats I've been on with plastic water tanks where the water tasted like plastic. But it doesn't have to be this way; I've been on boats with plastic water tanks and the water tasted like water.

But to use a former blackwater tank as a fresh water tank, while technically feasible, why bother? Also, as Parks noted, stainless blackwater tanks start to corrode and eventually pinhole because of the contents. I know this because our boat had a stainless blackwater tank that did exactly this, so we replaced it with a plastic tank.

The risk, let alone the psychological disadvantage of knowing what your fresh water tank used to be, would seem to indicate that the smart solution is to replace the holding tank with another new stainless tank for fresh water or a plastic one.
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