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Do as suggested and check that the crankcase ventilation is working.

Lehman -- check the oil level. If it has risen from where you filled it last time you are leaking diesel into the pan. Called "making oil" but in reality leaking fuel.

Two common sources are:
--the diaphram lift pump can get a pinhole sending fuel into the pan.
--the injector fuel return pipe which is under the valve cover can split/break or one of the nuts at the connection point can be loose. This will feed fuel into the oil.

Do not ignore it. The oil is being thinned and it could cause other more serious trouble.

As far as the goofy oil pressure the best way to confirm/deny is to get a pressure guage, a decent quality mechanical unit of ~ 100PSI range , glycol filled for not a lot of money and plumb it in with a tee where the electric guage connects. It doesn't need to be left there but it will tell you if the high oil pressure is real or if it is guage/sender problem. I used to pay $50-70 for these but the last two were about $20 and they seem to be good units. I was pleasantly surprised.

Do not ignore this either. Goofy pressure readings could be a warning of impending trouble. It may turn out to be nothing but if ignored and it is something the damage could be expensive.
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