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High oil pressure ???

Hi so I started my lehman 275 one day and the oil pressure started off normal
Which is 40 psi.
As it warmed up it went to 60 psi!!
I shut er down and changed the oil and filter
No change. Start stop run.... Always goes to 60
So I figured ok it must be the guage don't worry about it
That was about 50 hrs ago
No temp change no diesel in the oil.
I did use a multi grade as straight 40 wasn't available. 15/40
So 50 hrs later she is leaking oil out of the pan gasket. A lot. Still sits happy as Larry on 60 psi all day.
I just assumed it was the guage but maybe not so.
Any suggestions?
Surely the change in oil would not make enough difference to get through the gasket, and I am looking at an over pressure situation right?
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