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Originally Posted by Ancientmariner View Post
I was captain of this vessel in the Caribbean, in the early 80's for Mr. Gaguin. I loved the boat.
She was a Brooks boat. Sailed quite well before rigged as staysl ketch. Best handling sailing vessel I ever operated under power, but she was 15 turns lock to lock on the helm. Bullet proof boat; I would have taken her to Antarctica. Never had a break down or major problem with her. Full machine shop in engine room, which was fun. Dive compressor. Two 498 pound anchors with stud link chain, so hurricanes weren't much of a problem.
I'd buy her in a heartbeat and run Antarctica charters, but I guess she's gone; how sad.
When we got Tangier in charge (Captain/Mechanican and hostess) in 84 and 85
She was in poor condition anchored in "Blue Lagoon " in St Lucia .
Nothing working in engine room (the former captain take his salary but when the owner was not on board , the captain sailing on his own smaller sailing boat)
Main engine can't start because batteries was empty, the bigger generator can't start because starter was broken, smaller generator could start ...if battery was not also empty...
Our first week on board we pass to find the problem of each :
- the Onan always overheating ....the sea water intake was blocked by rust on the last 10 cm
- the Gardner (for generator ) always broken his starter gear, after remove the starter found the wiring redone years before was wrong (the first step for engage turn on the wrong side , it means for example for engage turn left and for start , when fully engage, turn right ...) after change the wiring the starter work even with a "rebuilt" gear" made on board. Also this engine take his diesel from a day tanks but the day tanks was near the same level than the high pressure pump and no "primary pump".It means when the day tanks was not full : if you stop injection on the first cylinder the second one the rpm decrease clearly ..but when you stop on the fourth one nothing change... after put an "online" primary pump the fourth cylinder works .
After that we could move the boat from his anchorage to the wharf at "A frame restaurant".
But it take week to clean the engine room, oil+water emulsion under the floor.Clean engine and engine room was a big job.
After that clean and repair the black water tanks

When finally we arrive at the stainless steel and teak deck it was "a piece of cake"

But with my wife we like this (very) heavy boat , clearly a motor sailor.
Because under sails between St Lucia to Margarita ....we are not able to go faster than 5,5 kts just under sails
I was happy to eared about her , but disappointed to see her now with her rusty water line with deep mark of corrosion.

Sure if we saw her when she was for sale we bought her, even with her well-known "problem" (absolutely not a sailing boat, steel mast, (with exhaust in the misaim mast : corrosion of the mast already replaced in the early 80) so heavy 109t ! corrosion in black water tanks, nice strong windlass but under powered ...)
But a boat for travelling slowly around the world without anxiety
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