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Overcurrent protection /OCP

I was doing a little research on my battery bank and discovered a few things of interest.

Regardless of how large or small a battery bank may be or what it is called upon to do, two wiring rules must be followed. First of all wiring should be installed in accordance with ABYC or , Where mandated, CFR guidelines to ensure safety.

Among the most important of these is the overcurrent protection mandate, which calls for a fuse or circuit breaker in every wire, save one, that leaves any battery positive post.

This overcurrent protection, often abbreviated as OCP, must be installed within 7"of the battery terminal. This distance may be increased to 72" if the wire is "sheathed.

The one exception to the OCP rule is the cable used for starting circuits. Any cable used, or that can be used via* paralleling switches, to supply current to a starter is exempt from the OCP requirements

That being said. How many of you are set up in this manner?

It would be interesting to know if Mark Pierce's boat, being new, follows these guidelines.



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