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CAV Injector pump solenoid wire connections

Hi Guys,

I have also posted this on Boat Diesel, but maybe someone here has had a similar experience or knows the answer.

Anyway here goes....

I recently had to get the CAV injector pump and injectors reconditioned on my Cummins 6B engine, due to a fuel/water issue.

Coincidently, the hour meter stopped working at the time of removal of the pump.

Anyway, I investigated further last weekend and it looks like the mechanic may have left one of the wires for the solenoid off. The purple wire is connected to the solenoid, but the black wire is hanging free and I was unable to find a terminal to plug it on to. I am guessing the reconditioner left it off?

Anyway, I assume from the wiring diagram that this provides a ground (negative) for the solenoid. The solenoid works OK as it is grounded by itsī physical connection to engine, but is this the reason that hour meter is no longer working?

I have read about other hour meters failing over time, but it seems too much of a coincidence that this happened at the same time as removing the pump.

Would grounding this wire to the housing of the pump rectify the hour meter issue?


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