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"This is probably a stupid question, but will a trimaran not capsize?"

In a large or steep enough wave a conventional boat can be rolled over 360 .

The USCG purchases boats that can survive this exercise.

A steep enough large wave could also flip a Tri , but monster waves are not encountered in the normal cruising times of power yachts.

Waves of 20-30 ft can be found in many storms , the usual cat beam.

Notice most chose the summer to run across the pond , not Feb and most take a low wind route (Ocean Passages for the World) .

To flip a cat is easier by far as one hull has 50% of the displacement , in a tri an ama has far less , so the boat will rise rather than flip.

In an 80 ft monster wave , the lower volume of the ama is easier to flood to return to upright .
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