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Originally Posted by Capn Craig View Post
I suggest measuring them with a tape measure, particularly if they are rectangular. I wouldn't trust the sales literature as Californian must of had fuel capacity options. Mine (34LRC) supposedly has a 250 capacity total (2x125) but doesn't. I have put 250 gallons in once when the tanks were 1/3rd. full by stick measurement. They calculate to 175 Gals each. measure the length x the width x the height. Subtract about a half inch from all measured dim's to allow for tank thickness, before multiplying. The tanks are obviously less than 1/4 wall, but they are close. Convert cubic inches to cubic feet (divide by 1728) and multiply the result by 7.48 gal/cu ft. Then you will know for sure.

Good idea. I can get to most of the tank, I think. At least it will give me some idea.

Yes, both a real old and current survey have an estimated volume. Measuring is really only way to know for sure. Thanks!
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