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Someone mentioned "Margaritaville" shoes. I was on the road and I had forgotten to pack my boat shoes. Went to a DSW and the only boat shoes were Margaritavilles, heavily discounted. I bought them and they are so much better than my TopSiders.

It has been a long time since I bought any of his music. The last CD I purchased had a song, "Bank of Bad Habits." Very catchy, fun song, but ruined by an over-long off the cuff discourse in the middle of the song. The kind of thing he would do in concert to stretch a song and delight the crowd. It was OK the first time, the second time I was tired of it, and I stopped listening to the song after a total of four listenings.

I don't begrudge his success. He took modest guitar skills, a decent voice, and strong lyrical skills and worked hard to become a success. Most people with similar skills, myself included, give up on the dream and get a "real job." For every Jimmy Buffet there are hundreds of people playing two-hour sets at local bars for chump change. Plus Buffet is a trillion times better than Kanye, Beyoncé, Eminem and the rest of the rap and pop crowd that can't play an instrument, sing without auto-tune or write a good song.
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