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RE: Help me find a dinghy motor mount!

koliver wrote:

I just took one off my rail. It is a teak block, made up from 3/4" pieces glued together to 2 1/4". It is held on the inside of hte rails and stick up above far enough to tighten up the motor mounts totally above the rail. This has the added advantage of getting the bottom of the skeg up off the deck. It was attached to the rails by 3 U-bolts. Those can be sized to fit your rail. Simple.
Now that is a simple and obvious solution. *I was thinking something that covered both sides of the rail but if I understand what you are saying, and what just occured to me, was that i could mount a 1" board or even a piece of a 2x10 or something that is stained to look good and just mount it on 3 ubolts high enough to get the engine mounts above the rail....I'd have to be ok with the ubolts being visible and maybe put some pieces of rubber or something between the rail and the ubolts so that it doesn't ruin the rail but that would certainly be a simple solution!

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