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RE: Help me find a dinghy motor mount!

Woodsong wrote:

I can't believe no one makes a dinghy engine mount like the one I posted at the top of this thread that will fit 1.25" rails! Do most folks have only 1" rails?
The most common rail sizes in boats like most of us on this forum have are 3/4," 7/8," and 1".* I've not seen anything larger in the typical marine stores.* Fisheries Supply in Seattle sells stainless tubing in diameters up to* 1.25" but a quick look through their rail-mounted accessories and components shows only two mounting sizes for almost everything, 7/8" and 1".

1.25" rails (or larger) would seem to be the sort of thing found on larger boats, and the demand for an off-the-shelf, rail-mounted outboard bracket on a yacht is probably about zero.

Drilling the required holes in a chunk of UHMW may be the easiest way to get what you want.

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