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Mr. Marin. I'm quite familiar with fuel leakage into the injection pump (IP). A previous Lehman suffered from that malady and when changing the oil, the odor of diesel was VERY evident. The two IP's Im currently dealing with do not seem to suffer that symptom. Drained oil is clean-ish and NO odor of fuel. I do not have the breather overflow (have the fitting but it is blocked) nor a hole in the fill cap. There is a mushroom shaped vent at the top of the IP that allows ventilation but oil/diesel has never come out of there. With reference to your pump, the mushroom vent would be directly above the Simms logo just aft of the throttle control.
Possibly the use of the word "spewing" was too strong in my OP. I simply want to add a pre-measured amount of 30wt oil to the fill orifice without using the level plug "tell-tale". ie: eliminate one more dribble of oil to sop up.
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