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Originally Posted by Mule View Post
News flash, I was a bit tough on the initial post about Loggerhead Stuart. The guy that gave me the info was pissed about two things and he is new at this. Two $ a foot was OK but he was pissed about the $15 power, 30 amp for one night and the extensive "application" to give them money for 1 night. His actual bill was $76 for 1night not the $100 he told me initially.

I seldom do transient marinas. How do you guys, you experienced Marina hoppers feel about the case...32 ft boat.
As I posted initially, their published rate is $2 a foot. So, sounds like he actually got a discount. In an area like that, I find the $76 to be quite reasonable.

Rates are reflections of market. $2 would be considered the bargain of the century compared to a couple of areas I've been. On the other hand, I was amazed at how low the rates were in the PNW and Alaska. I've paid from $0.50 to $8/ft and electric and water rates all over the board.
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