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Originally Posted by BandB View Post
I don't know. I imagine continued battling. The problem for Loggerhead is they aren't able to deal with one definitive authority. Instead there are conflicting factions within the HOA.

Fortunately our home is in an HOA that lacks any militant members at this time. Apparently in 2001 (long before we were here) they had a war. Seems like they had a President who ran it like it was his own business. When he pushed the limits were when he chose to paint the bridges a different color. So, there was a revolt and a coup. lol

Mainly our HOA pays for security and maintains the very minimal common property and the contributions are all voluntary.

Now, back to Stuart. I suspect it's just going to continue much as is and Loggerhead will be forced to make the most of a bad situation. You could ask do the homeowners not know that there are plenty of competing marinas and theirs could be unsuccessful. Oh there's one faction that doesn't know or care. They'll like nothing better than for Loggerhead to fail and then just have a private community marina. The part they're oblivious to is the cost of maintaining that and the loss of current revenue.
i lived in loggerhead in palm beach gardens for 10 yrs and got kicked out they said no more livieaboards. they went down the drain for about 3 yrs and then , now changed back again now the place is is right near the donald ross bridge in jupiter.good hurricain whole sat out three storms there no problem
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