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Originally Posted by ksanders View Post
If you are full time cruising, couldn't you find a river nearby and move inland?

Are there enough rivers crossing that part of the ICW to make that viable?

Don't hurricanes reduce in intensity dramatically just a few miles inland, and if they do how many miles is generally considered safe?

Thanks from a west coaster
With local knowledge some have used inland rivers successfully. However unless you know what you are doing, I wouldn't try this. Some logistics to consider, how are you going to get off the boat and back home after securing the boat way up river. Remember your full time cruising, no car available. And the best local hurricane holes will always have boats in them and you risk collision damage with a nearby boat.

Hurricane intensity does decrease inland but generally you can't get far enough inland to make a big difference.

Most boaters secure their boats with extra lines, decrease the windage as much as possible and keep the boat in their slip, hoping the tidal surge doesn't move their boat out of the slip.
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